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Dr. Tibor Pacher

Initiator, lead and driving force of Faces from Earth is Dr. Tibor Pacher. Born in Hungary, Tibor now shares his time mainly between the endpoints of his east-west pendulum in Hungary and Germany. Trained as a PhD physicist (MSc Budapest ELTE, PhD Heidelberg, s.c.l.), he works since 1999 as a freelance consultant for Management and Financial Accounting processes and their support by software systems (www.peregrinus.net). During his academic career he worked on different topics of General Relativity, Cosmology and Quantum Chemistry as well as on ESA’s Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) mission. 2006 he initiated the organisation „peregrinus interstellar“, dedicated to the topic of interstellar travel www.peregrinus-interstellar.net - The PI Club. Tibor also runs the project MiniSpaceWorld, aiming at the creation of a big lively scale model layout for Spaceflight and Astromomy. Additionally, he serves as a consultant for Project Icarus, a theoretical starship study.


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